hi, i'm nika. i'm 16 and i live in the land where augustus and hazel shared their first kiss. music is my oxygen, fashion is my happiness and art is my life. oh, and i love bunnies, like a lot. you can talk to me anytime you want and i'm always in for a p4p :)

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**don’t make me cry**
i’ve decided to update my faves page (aka laerah’s sparkling babes)!!
how to become a sparkling babe:
- mbf me
- reblog this post
- have an awesome blog :)
- a follow from me yahy
- you’ll get a link on my blog
- you can ask me to promote you once a day (any promo you want)
- i’ll give you help with anything you want
- you’ll get a kewl badge for your blog
- talk to me :)
- reblog 9365398626 times (the more you reblog, the more likely I’ll notice you)
i’ll choose about 10-15 people (maybe more) when this gets enough notes xx
I guess that’s it, so start rebloggin’ !!
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